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Sufferin’ Safari: Quirks Between Safari Versions

Browser incompatibility is so 1999, isn’t it? Well, while we spend our time fretting about IE version incompatibility and cross-browser issues we often overlook the version issues of other browsers. Over the past week I’ve been working on the twitter-text-js support for hashtags in Russian, Korean, Japanese and Chinese. Along the way I ran into two bugs in some versions of Safari that surprised me. I didn’t find much online about it so I wanted to take a moment and jot this down. Continue reading

Crowdsourcing vs. Community

This is post is about how I have come to use the words “crowdsourced” and “community” to distinguish different, but related, activities. I’ve been working on Twitter’s community translation tools since before they were launched and this is a lesson I’ve learned during that time. This all started with my reply to a Quora topic  and much of the information was already covered there. But since Quora is a smaller community than the web at large I wanted to re-format the information for widest consumption and change some of the examples to be a little bit clearer.

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The Effort of Content Creation: An Evolution

Much like my previous posts about omnivores and MC Hammer this is something I’ve told many people in person but I’m only just now putting down in writing. Many people ask me why I think Twitter is popular, thinking there is some part of it they have yet to see. The ‘killer feature’ isn’t some page on they haven’t seen yet but rather it’s the simplicity of what they already see. It’s not about something complicated but rather the sum of the uncomplicated parts … not unlike the internet itself. I’m way ahead of myself. This post is about the evolution of people’s self-expression on the internet, people’s internet-identity, and how I see Twitter in that context. This isn’t some lofty vision from a Twitter founder or executive. This is the view from a guy who just happened upon all of this and is still trying to explain it however he can – to himself most of all. Continue reading

MC Hammer showed me the future of Twitter

If you’ve seen me talk at a conference or meet-up about Twitter you’ve likely heard about MC Hammer (@mchammer on Twitter). Well, since I don’t do that many speaking engagements I wanted to take a moment and record my story about about what MC Hammer taught me about Twitter … and I already worked there.

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